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  • Healing Testimony January 2015 Lynn Donovan from Spiritually Unequal Marriage on Vimeo.

    Testimony of the healing power of Jesus Christ. Lynn Donovan. January, 2015

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    Author and speaker Lynn Donovan takes on the topic of parenting and how moms can best raise their children when their husband does not share the faith.

  • Praying with the power and authority of Christ.

  • Today we are answering your questions that were posted the week of January 18, 2012.

    What do you tell the kids when they ask, "Why doesn't Dad go to church."

    Why isn't there marriage in heaven?

    How do you parent your kids when you and your husband see parenting so different.

    The boundary between submitting and serving vs. enabling.

    How do I keep hope alive when I my husband never responds.